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Cementrac Group in Canada & Egypt; specialize in supplying to military purchases, we're a leading solutions provider and have extensive experience deploying globally when and where they are needed to support modification, maintenance, test, training, and in support of contingency operations. CimentracAtlantique INC, is a partner and branch of Cementrac Group, can provide rapid response capability for generating hardware solutions for fulfill our customers’ missions of providing best value, hardware integration solutions to support the Department of Defense, other Federal agencies. We work hard to build lasting relationships with our suppliers and our customers. We are experts in the field of Wear and Impact resistant products. Our solutions and products enable our customers to reduce down time, increase payload and protect their employees. We are driven by quality and innovation solutions.

Our Keys to Success:

  • Long term customer relationships
  • Commitment to quality
  • Unique innovations


Street Cleaning Vehicles (Sweeper):

The concept of industrial sweeping services in the big cities has become main mission for the governments, Street Cleaning Vehicle (sweeping machine) do play an instrumental role in ensuring proper maintenance of all facilities. Not only this, the sweeping machine employed during the process plays an instrumental role in removing all sand and dirt as well. Cementrac Group gives the key to urban development with many types of sweeping machine whatever Vehicles or machines.

Shielding Equipment & High Hardness Armor:

  • Wear & Impact Steel
  • Wear Steels have an optimally enriched chemical composition, superior and expensive oil quenching, work-harden to 560 BHN, high shear and tearing resistance, complete through hardness, are excellent in hot and cold conditions and are corrosion resistant. They are machineable and formable and require no pre or post heating.

  • Dynamic Armor Plates 500 & 600 and Armored Kits:
  • Are high hardness ballistic steel plates that are available in thickness from 1/8” (3mm) through 2” (50mm). Applications: Commercial Grade, Heat Treated, Ballistic Tested, Ultra High Hardness, Premium Quality, Highest Protection When Weight are a Concern, Military Grade Armor and Approved for D.O.D. US and CDN use.

Spare Parts Military AndDefence Vehicles

Already working with some the of the largest defence manufacturers in the world as partners for General Dynamics, BAE, Amtrak and Defence Land Systems. Our Group supplying Spare Parts Military and Defence Vehicle such as Runflattyre protection and Tubeless splitrim steel wheel and runflat system for buses and cash-carrying vehicles and other products beside a range of solutions to keep wheeled vehicles moving safely in the event of a sudden tyre deflation.

Military First Aid (Trauma Bag)

Emergency Response Trauma Bag is perfect for the first responder in emergency situations. First responder kit includes a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope to access victims. Our Group supplying Military First Aid bags (Trauma Bags), it contains; QuikClot Combat Gauze, Berman Air Way, Surgical Scissors, Gloves, Plaster Cloth Tape, Femoral Fixation Belt, Elastic Gauze Bandage, Rescue Blanket 8*13 Cm, Polyester Blanket Treated With Aluminum, Hemorrhage Stoppage Belt, Nasopharyngeal Tube, Emergency Bandage (Trauma Wound Dressing/6'' Hemorrhage Control Bandage) and Entry / Exit Wound Chest Seal Twin Pack.

Parachute Materials

Parachute Systems designs and manufactures personnel parachute systems for every type of mission, for Governments and countries throughout the world always in strict compliance with military specifications and international standards. Newextremely light and highly tensile fabric and lines with innovative material to evolutionary good lightweight.

  • Extremely high standards for material selection and production
  • Well-proven annular shape
  • Low sink rate
  • Low pendulum risk
  • Very low weight, light and durable material
  • Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
  • New deployment container technology for fast opening
  • Clearly visible fabric color: Orange
  • Certified according to LTF 35/03 and EN 12491

Mobile Medical Vehicle Convoys:

Our Group offers Mobile Medical Vehicle solutions to individuals, companies as health care service providers, corporate social responsibility solutions for the Private sector, Non-governmental organizations, and military missions.

We would be interested in building the following configurations:

  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Psychiatric & Neurology Clinic
  • Cardiac diseases Clinic
  • ECHO Clinic
  • Radiology Clinic
  • Chemistry Lab
  • PARA Lab
  • Pharmacy & Medicine storage
  • Medical Records & Patient’s Registeration
  • Service (Cafeteria & Rest rooms)
  • Pediatric Clinic
  • Gynecology Clinic
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Urology Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Otolaryngology Clinic
  • Opthalmology Clinic
  • Internal medicine Clinic
  • Sonar Clinic

Emergency Vehicles for Civil Defence:

Ambulances &fire trucksand emergency vehicles in high quality custom with an attention to detail that easily satisfies all of the needs of military projects and urban services. A handcrafted vehicle from famous international manufacturers provides unmatched reliability and durability and is an excellent value and sound investment.