FibreCrete is a concrete mix with steel / synthetic fibers, and special concrete additives to enhance the flexural strength and other important mechanical properties of concrete.
Cementrac Company for Fiber Reinforcement trading is considered one of the biggest and strongest distributors of Fiber Reinforcement as well as we are the first distributor of trading Fiber Reinforcement in addition of being the biggest importer of Fiber Reinforcement due to our powerful distributing capacity which reflects our good reputation and well perception domestically in the Egyptian market and internationally.
For ordinary pavements to Machine foundations to tunnel Linings, FiberCrete is available to meet your specific requirements.
Fibercrete contains micro fibers for added tensile strength, better binding ability, resistance to cracking & abrasion, depending on the size & type of fiber used, FiberCrete offers numerous additional benefits than conventional concrete.
The fibers work as small threads / micro-reinforcement typing up the concrete particles, this reduces the cracking caused and also increases the tensile strength of concrete.

Fiber as per ASTM C1579-13 Standard.

Primary Applications:
Floor for industrial, commercial and residential concrete projects.
Footings, foundations, walls and tank applications.
Concrete pipe, vault structures and pre-cast / pre-stressed beams.

Features / Benefits:
Controls and mitigates plastic shrinkage cracking.
Reduces segregation and bleed-water.
Provides three-dimensional reinforcement against micro-cracking.
Increases surface durability.
Reduction of in-place cost versus wire mesh for temperature / shrinkage crack control.
Easily added to concrete mixture at any time prior to mixing.

Technical information:

Typical Engineering Data
Material Polypropylene
Specific Gravity 0.91
Typical Dosage 0.9 kg/m3
Available Lengths 3mm, 12mm, 21mm & other
Tensile Strength 660 Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity 4.0 Gpa
Melt Point 165°c
Electrical Conductivity Low
Water Absorption Negligible
Acid and Alkali Resistance Excellent
Fiber Count Approx. 14 million/0.45kg

Why Choose FiberCrete?
Capacity Of 5mt/ Day Production.
24/7 Operations.
Economical and World Class Quality.
Immediate Dispatches
Customization Possible.
New R&D is an Ever Continues Process.
Cementrac for Fiber Reinforcement offer 2 types of Fiber Reinforcement:
Virgin Polypropylene Fiberillated Fiber, Length: 6 MM / 12 MM
Virgin Polypropylene Multifilament Fiber, Length: 6 MM / 12 MM

FiberCrete fibers are packaged in 15 Kg bags or as request.