Coal introduction in the industries and the energy system has become a necessity to face the energy crisis, which has hindered real development in Egypt.
The General Authority for Standardization and Quality has issued a new standard for the use of coal in cement factories, which it used as an alternative source of energy aimed at preserving the environment, these requirements use of coal to the cement industry only.
Based on data provided by the International Energy Agency and the BP Statistical Review of World Energy.
Coal provides 30.1% of global primary energy needs and generates over 40% of the world’s electricity. It is also used in the production of over 70% of the world’s steel.
Cementrac for cement and cementitious materials are important to enhance their presence in Egypt and international markets as well. As the cement industry, which requires many materials, is involved in its components and production, which is the basis of the products and specialty of the company that it supplies and distributes.
As the company has a large network of relations, to meet the needs of the Egyptian market of coal used as an alternative fuel for all the cement factories, which the company imports from the countries of its output in all the world.
Therefore, the company pursues the expansion of presence in the market and provides its customers any quantities of coal used as fuel substitute for energy, especially for cement factories in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the world and import conditions issued by the Egyptian government authorities.