A by-product is obtained from bag house units Throughout come emission during the process of the Ferrosilicon Production and it is very fine powder.

It is registered according to the standard specifications No. (1-5129) of 2006.

It is conformed to the U. S. specifications of ASTM C 1240 of 2004.


  1. Infinitesimal particles (1.0 microns).
  2. It is having spherical shape and an amorphous glass structure (amorphous).
  3. It has high content of silicon oxides is 97%.
  4. It is a very active Bozulunih material, especially when added with cement.

The most important advantages of concrete after adding the silica Fume by the used mixture type:

  1. Improving the physical and chemical properties of the concrete mixture whether in the Teflon case or hardened case.
  2. The particles size represents (100/1) of the granulated cement. Thus, it fill the voids between the particles of cement, which reduces permeability rates, which works on the formation of a dense and coherent concrete mixture leading to increases the rate of pressure resistance to (1000 kg / cm 2).
  3. Preventing the phenomenon of water permeability because it has a high affinity to water absorption.
  4. Preventing the phenomenon of concrete carbonation because mainly corrosion of the reinforcing steel.
  5. Preventing the emergence of a white crust on the known concrete surface as the White rash (efflorescence) because they react with the hydrated Lime to produce the hydrated calcium silicate.
  6. The Silica fume of concrete has a greater resistance to the penetration of chloride ions into the concrete.
  7. It increases the resistance to bending and tensile strength which it up to 30%.
  8. Graining the effective resistance against chemicals and solvents.
  9. The Silica fume concrete is more resilient to shocks and loads from the ordinary concrete.
  10. Because of the significant reduction in the degree of permeability of Silica fume concrete, it has proven to be effective when used in the water installations and bridges.

The Addition of the Silica Fume to the cement weight is:

  1. From 5-8% in the high resistance concrete, especially in warm weather environment.
  2. From 10-15 % in the used concrete under water level.
  3. From 2-5% when the process of the concrete pumping with the cement.

Furthermore, the many uses of Silica Fume include for example:

  1. Packaging of the granulated chemical fertilizers (which is working to increase the density of granular fertilizer and prevents the ossification).
  2. The paints industry.
  3. The manufacture of plastic and nylon.
  4. The manufacture of adhesives (silicon).
  5. Involving in the manufacture of many of the chemical preparations.


  • Densified & packed in jumbo bags each of 1.5 ton, 1 ton or 0.95 ton.
  • Densified & packed in polypropylenes bags of 20 Kgm and 25 Kgm.