Properties and Uses:
The use of HS CAG allows the cement producer to increase cement production while cutting your Grinding Aid costs by more than 20%. Compared with conventional grinding aids, HS CAG offers unit power savings of 20% ~ 25% with no loss of strength.
The key advantages of HS CAG cement grinding aid include:
Improved flow properties.
Increased strength.
Increased grinding efficiency.
Avoidance of agglomerations.
Avoidance of crust formation in silos.
increased bulk density by 5 – 10%.
No environmental problems.
Non-corrosive Grinding efficiency and fineness of the cement is controllable through dosage.

Technical specification:

Items Specification
Visual Appearance Brown liquid
Density (g/cm3,23℃) 1.15±0.01
PH (23℃) 10±0.5
Increase cement strength (Mpa) 40.5±1.0
Ratio of improving cement surface (m2/kg) 3 days increase 3-6
28 days increase 3-7
Reduce the clinker materials 5%-10%
Reduce the cost of cement % 1.5-2usd/ton
Compatibility with concrete admixture Very well

a. Please confirm the relevant ancillary equipment surplus capacity of the grinding system, before use of grinding aids. and ensure normal production.
b. Must be regular checks the grinding aid flows, to ensure the dosage is accurate.
c. To ensure add material of the mills is accurate, stable, and to ensure that the grinding conditions is normal.
d. Control the rate of water into grinding materials ≤ 1.5%.
e. Appear to speed up the flow of materials, running rough situation, by adjusting the parameter of the powder-choosing machine and the ventilation to solve.

1-1.5‰ of the volume

Storage and transportation:
Kept in dry and cool place, well ventilated area. Keep containers closed when not in use- check regular for leaks.

200 kg/ plastic or iron drum and 1000kg/IBC Tank